The sex drive

The case of Michele Giugliano, a former ASL manager from Savona, who ended up in prison for "alleged sexual abuse" on a 15-year-old girl while he was treating her as a neurologist due to anxiety problems, is only the last of a nearly endless series of similar events by men over the years, blinded by lust for adolescents.

When I read these facts I always wonder how strong the sexual impulse must be, in spite of advancing age, to make people forget, even to people of public profile and blameless in all their other activities, even the most elementary prudence. In this case, how could Giugliano think, as long as the accusatory system is confirmed, to get away with the situation in which he himself wanted to hunt, even going so far as to leave traces of daring requests via Whatsapp?

The unconscious fascination (?) Of the youth

What the judges will almost certainly call a "criminal design" would not even have touched the mind of a man like him, revered by everyone as an impeccable medical professional. But no, if the accusations are confirmed, the man has entered a state of raptus and has implemented his plan, without in the least considering the extreme danger; especially in a climate, like the current one, in which every man is considered a potential sex offender, unless proved otherwise. The case of Berlusconi is emblematic, dealing with a girl a few months after coming of age, despite being a complete woman from a physical point of view.

Until a few decades ago, approaches of this kind would have taken on much more slight gravity. But not today, with the newspapers and the TV that do nothing but give news of similar episodes, even on the ecclesiastical side, with the Pope who daily preaches continence and launches anathemas against the priests who surrender to their sinful attractions to minors.

Someone still believes in achieving "peace of mind" with age. Nothing could be more misleading: that peace is reached only in the grave. Since I am a person characterized by considerable mental openness with regard to sex, I often give ease to many friends and acquaintances over the years (I am also talking about octogenarians and more) to confide in my own indulging in thoughts that the confessor would call sinful. On the other hand, the news, even international, is full of cases of men in old age who, in spite of or perhaps thanks to their high ranks in public or private fields, take advantage of this to launch into non-consensual approaches with young women, or even with minors, then facing the consequences, in terms of image and punishment. Eh, the contact, even fleeting, of firm flesh, of a velvety and fragrant youthful skin brings the man back to his green years, when what he now regrets was within reach and he took it for granted. Except to hang in the balance if feeling young again, savoring the effluvium of her or so much older for the hindrance in the movements and the distance in the dialogues.

Eros and Thanatos. The vital impulse ceases only "in the hour of our death"

It must therefore be acknowledged that Eros has a power that ceases only with the advent of Thanatos. And the prohibitions, the penalties, the public ridicule, the prospectus of the prison are worthless. An endogenous force pushes the man, starting from an unexpected and improvised initial instant, along a more and more obsessive path; and nothing else dwells in his mind, except the vision and the possession of the coveted body. To fall into "sin" we need the occasion, the initial atmosphere; and the fall depends on the moment in which it happens and how strong it is, sometimes too strong to resist it, especially if we notice, or we are deluded to notice, the woman's consensuality. About the penalties connected to these transgressions, they depend on when and where they are committed: perhaps there is no worse place and period than today's Western world.

From the novel by Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita, a 1962 film directed by Stanley Kubrick, with Sue Lyon; then redone in 1997. An eternally current theme

The will to power

These thoughts came to my mind during a convention that discussed ecology and the remaining years if the current neoliberal paradigm will continue without a significant breakthrough. I spontaneously compared the uncontrollable sexual drive that assails man to the last breath with the other formidable appetite, and equally long-lived: that of the accumulation of wealth and power.

As the impulse of Eros ceases only when it succumbs to Thanatos, so the greed of those who dominate the world is stronger than reasonableness, which would tell them to surrender to the evidence of a world in accelerated collision course due to their thirst for domination . As the elder cited in the opening - as long as he is guilty in the end - and how many others fall into the same vortex of the senses, regardless of endangering a whole life, just as unconscious are those who hold true power and gamble with whole planet, even if in the next cataclysm they will also perish, in spite of their naive plans B, of escape to other planets, or of survival of the chosen ones.

The future seen by scientists

The convention hosted, among other speakers, a scientist who spoke about the astronomical quantity of plastic assembled in eight oceanic islands, for a total surface equal to that of Russia! And in constant growth, due to the incessant supply of rivers, especially in emerging countries, which have little or no ecological regulation. These nations made a sharp jump from the Middle Ages to the technological era and behaved as if synthetic materials had the same biodegradable properties as natural substances. The plastic present in these enormous islands is for the most part not biodegradable, but is photodegradable; so slowly, under the action of the sun's rays, it crumbles into ever smaller particles, ending up contaminating the entire oceans; with all the imaginable consequences on fish flora and fauna. For this reason, an ever increasing percentage of this plastic micro powder also ends up in kitchen salt and therefore in all our food preparation.

View of one of the oceanic plastic islands

To echo him a doctor in the pharmacy, who made the epidemiological list of the new degenerative diseases that derive from the growing pollution, with the alarm on the imminent collapse of the whole living system within the next dozen years.

In particular, hearing people of such competence and seriousness make a comparison with those who work in their institutions, those who could act but prefer to keep quiet so as not to compromise their career. When we hear about characters from institutions, we notice how their words invariably deal with other issues and, when faced with one of the many environmental and / or health disasters, their voice seems to go through a muted, "not create alarmism ". The music, in short, is different: alarming is that of free researchers, reassuring is that of those who could, indeed should, take action to stop or at least slow down the mess.

The impression is made that we all consider ourselves too small to face problems of global dimensions, and that therefore in their hearts they surrender to the proceeding of events, in inert expectation of the final apocalypse.

By now everyone has the feeling of being on a ship on a collision course, with the captain and the driver intent on doing something else, like Schettino. A feeling that touches us now in every moment of the day, when we are confronted with a plethora of objects that the Earth has never known and repels.

Sometimes it is said that the gloomy vision of the future is typical of old people, while young people are more optimistic. We forget that the current situation is exponential in every respect compared to the past millennia: if we look at the graphs of the consumption of raw materials and of the territory, of the dissemination of pollutants (ie the final products of any consumption, even of food products, which do not they return to the ground, but they make the mice proliferate), of the demographic explosion, absolutely unsustainable and incompatible with the normal seasonal rhythms, we realize that we would need a planet of double diameter, or of a twin planet, and only to carry on some extra year. There is no comparison with the past.

The Titanic is increasingly assumed as a symbol of the consumer society

As for young people, they are suffering the consequences of our "American dream", what their grandparents (like me) and parents enjoyed at their expense. But even they are now intoxicated by the prodigies of technology, which act as a diversion and distract them from looking at reality in the face for what it is; while the demonstrations of Greta and the like are sporadic and do not affect the pressure of events, wanted by the intoxicated of the Stock Exchanges. Alcohol and drugs, moreover, create more and more dependencies in young people without a future. After all it is what the "pickpockets" want: an amorphous mass of human retinences and succubi.

The future seen by a heterodox economist

But back to the convention. An economist also spoke who, as such, could only be "heretical": prof. Nino Galloni. A man of great experience, even public, who shies from every possible forum, including that specimen of Byoblu (on Youtube), to say what academic and / or system economists do not dare to say. Galloni also reiterated the unsustainability of the current ecological and, consequently, economic system. In particular, he brought us back to the early 1970s, when the ecological crisis came to light, especially due to the wide resonance of the theses of the Club of Rome, centered on the "Limits of development". Its merit the having questioned, for the first time, the cult of growth and development, above all for the irresponsible proliferation of the human race.

Politicians and economists mythologize growth and development, regardless of their effects on animal and plant life

Galloni, however, did not embrace the consequences to be drawn from these findings; or rather he has repudiated those of certain elitist think tanks, which would claim, faced with the option of curbing consumption ("happy" decrease) or reducing the size of the planetary population (unhappy decrease), to implement the latter. Galloni believes that the crucial problem, on which our survival depends, can be solved only by removing the power of decision-making from the finance elites and transferring it to democratic systems independent of the elite ones, as they are today.


I do not think that, unfortunately, the time for this epochal transition remains, also for the slow decision-making, typical of every democracy, as well as for the sense of resigned impotence that I find in the people. I therefore think that there is a plan, obviously secret, to bring humans back to numbers compatible with this consumerist system.

Basically, better in a few, free to shed in a world of skeletons, which many people with the specter of hunger in a chaotic world.

Let's pretend that the Second World War had been won by the Italian-German axis. There is no doubt that today the technology would be more or less at the same current stage. How would the Nazis solve the problem of overpopulation? Accurately circumscribing the ranks of today's Noah, admitted to climb the Arca ideal. As for all the others, they would try to find a way, accepted by the people, to penetrate into their bodies and minds, so that they could be dominated and eliminated on command, without however being able to identify their cause. One method would be to order mass inoculations of passed off substances to help prevent certain diseases.

Compulsory vaccinations have broken the taboo of the inviolability of the human body and could be the most convenient and shared method for unsuspecting and trusting citizens to arrive at their planned decimation. But the ever closer union between man and computer technology opens up unexpected channels to be able to subdue the mind and potentially annihilate it: 5G proves it [SEE]. Moreover, we are decimating most of the living species, animals and plants; including in the decimation also the human race does not create so many problems of conscience to individuals already used to trigger robbery wars. They will only use different weapons.

Huxley and Orwell: two modern, lucid prophets

Science fiction? Unfortunately, science fiction has often been less imaginative than reality. If the rulers, notoriously always in tow, never driving, of great social transformations, they will not have the strength, or they will be forbidden by their remote masters, to launch radical, epochal paradigm changes in the field of production, consumption, disposal , events will take over and determine the road to extinction; or they will be the methods adopted by those remote masters to select survivors.

Does it seem like you ran too much? Today, there are many less to think of it, even if only 5-10 years ago. Many thought they ran too much Aldous Huxley in 1932 with his New World, or Orwell in 1945, when he published The Animal Farm and in 1948, when he wrote 1984. Ironically, that year he seemed to deny his gloomy predictions: we were in full of the 80s, when permissiveness reached its peak. The three decades that followed, instead, seem to represent a divine punishment for that carefree joy of life that characterized those who, with aching longing, then passed into history as "the mythical", "the fabulous". But the vision of the gloomy film of the same name, released in 1984, appears today as a trailer of what awaits us if we do not immediately reverse the neoliberal march.

"Who controls the past controls the future.

Who controls the present controls the past."

But who, what, if not a terrible dictatorship or apocalypse can force us to do it? How else to take away from the masses the mobile phone, the car, the television and everything that makes up our current lifestyle? I believe that it will not be a "black" totalitarianism, as the lefts fear, but "green", in Maoist / Khmer red style. On the other hand, the increasingly tight meshes of the rules of behavior [SEE], in the name of "security", are decidedly pointing in that direction.

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